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Sailxtreme 2015

General information for visitors about camping and where to find what.

Write to regatta office pr mail if you have further questions or wishes and we will try to help you.


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  1. FCOO Navy Marine Center for Opererativ Oceanografi
  2. DMI-ocean DMI ocean and ice service, with animation
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program-gbor printable  SX Program deltager publikum-GB

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– how to find the marina area (marinavejen 6, 5300 Kerteminde).

Notice: Marinavejen 2-6 is closed for trafic (motor) during this event,

  • Regatta office

Marinavejen 6


  • Marina area

usage during the regatta.
Notice: It is very important to respect the camping rules and directions given by sailextreme


  • No caravans among the tents in the dedicated tent-area
  • Please be serious about free space between camping unit 3 m
  • Trailers should be parked as far as possible away from living areas (extra option Odensevej nr 36-38


sx15-plan-land —-> NORD

The same but North up


SX15 Optimist A pulje/flight

Posted on23 maj 2015
Søndag puljeindeling er dateret søndag kl 07.40 Sunday flight assignment is datedSunday 07.40 Puljeinddeling for Optimist A Flight Assignment Optimist A

Opslag / Note nr.: 5

Posted on23 maj 2015
Område / Area: C Tidspunkt / Time: 22-05-2015                Kl.: 21.00 Skippermøde for C-optimist Der afholdes skippermøde for C-optimist foran sejlsportscentret.: Lørdag kl. 10.00 Søndag kl. 8.30   Skippers briefing – optimist C Skippers briefing for C-optimist will be In front of the sailing centre: Saturday at 10.00 Sunday at 8.30...
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Opslag / Note nr.: 3

Posted on22 maj 2015
Område / Area: E Tidspunkt / Time: 22-05-2015                Kl.: 10.00  Ændring af sejladsbestemmelser for Laser Tidsfristen angivet i sejladsbestemmelsernes punkt 13.1 ændres for Laser fra 60 til 90 minutter. Change to the sailing instructions for Laser The time limit in SI 14.2 is changed from 60 minutes to 90 minutes...
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Opslag / Note nr.: 4

Posted on22 maj 2015
Område / Area: D Tidspunkt / Time: 22-05-2015                Kl.: 10.00  Ingen deltagelse af Yngling På grund af for få tilmeldte aflyses sejladserne for Yngling. No participation of the Yngling Due to a too low number of entries, the regatta will be cancelled for Yngling.   sx15-Opslag 4 PDF for print...
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Opslag / Note nr.: 1

Posted on22 maj 2015
Område / Area: B + E Tidspunkt / Time: 22-05-2015                Kl.: 10.00 Ændring af baneområde for Zoom 8 og ændring af baneskitser for bane B og E Efter anmodning fra DZA sejler Zoom 8 på bane B i stedet for bane E. Baneskitserne for de to baner samt kort over...
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Opslag / Note nr.: 2

Posted on22 maj 2015
Område / Area: A Tidspunkt / Time: 22-05-2015                Kl.: 10.00  Ændring til sejladsbestemmelser for A-optimist Sejladsbestemmelsernes punkt 5.1 ændres til: Klasse                Max antal sejladser i alt     Max antal sejladser pr dag A-optimist                       8                                    4 ————- This note corrects an error in the Danish version of the sailing instructions. This does...
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