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Folkboat Goldcup 2017

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Kerteminde Sejlklub hosted the GoldCup 2014, see ⇒ results and site from then

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Sign-up to Goldcup-17 at ⇒ Manage2Sail-Goldcup, entry and find NoR at ⇒ bulletin board.

You can also download a copy of the Notice of Race here ⇓ GC17-NoR_ver2 ,but remember it is a copy. The official and updated version including changes, is posted at the bulletin board.

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You can find a short explanation of how the entry system works and is used from a sailor perspective. ⇒ Open M2S guide in a new window

Notice : Online credit-card payment was not possible when registration opened, and the entry procedure did show cash as the only payment method. Danish Sailing Association, Manage2sail and NETS has later released the online creditcard payment method It is named NETS (The danish Payment provider) and is now the only payment method offered to the Goldcup 17. If you have a entry not paid yet, please go to your acount and complete the entry with the final payment step.

m2s-logo-10-trans Will be new for some sailors and wellknown to other sailors, Please read the short introduction guide if the system is new for you, and call us if you need further support and guidance.

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Time Schedule Goldcup 2017:

This time schedule is correlated to the 75 Anniversary schedule, but not identical. Minor changes may occur later. After the celebration of the folkboats 75 years anniversary Saturday and Sunday it is time to race Monday – it is GoldCup regatta time!

The regatta office is open for registration Saturday 11.00-16.00, Sunday 12.00-18.00 and Monday 07.00-11.00.

Lauching of your boat by crane will be Saturday and Sunday 12.00-18.00 and Monday 07.00-11.00. After the launch please park your trailer according to the map. You can find berth for your boat in front of the regatta office and on pier 7 or at pier 1-2-3 with place suitable for folboat size. Alternatively on all vacant berths in the marina with green signs.

Please observe that caravans and campers must be in the marked area. If you come with tent please use the grass area just north of the caravan area. If you have problems please contact the regatta office.


When you register you will get tickets for the various arrangements you have ordered. In case of missing information and/or dokumentation you must provide it upon registration. Furthermore you will have to sign the registration info-card, Be prepared with the class-certificate, sail-identification (remember that at most 2 jib and 2 main is allowed in the goldcup regatta), Nmae of crew, boat and the sailclub you represent (remember that the GoldCup winner is the club the first boat represent).

You can find more information on this website about weather forecast, measurement and references to the sailing instructions.

All official documents, results and bulletin boards can be found on in Gold Cup 2017. The Sailing Instructions has been released, and can be downloaded from –> Goldcup –> Notice Board

WeekdayDateHour*) fee and entry required
SaturdayAugust 5th11-00 - 16.00RegistrationRace Office
15.00Welcome CeremonyRace Office Building
Launching crane availible upon request Phone ...Harbourside
SundayAugust 6th12.00 - 18.00RegistrationRace Office
12.00 - 18.00Launching crane open Harbourside
MondayAugust 7th07.00 - 11.00Launching crane open Harbourside
07.00 - 11.00RegistrationRace Office
07.30 - 08.30Breakfast and lunch packet *)Race Office Building
09.00 - 09.15Race Committe meet the sailorRace Office Building
12.00First warning signalKerteminde Bay
After raceBeerRace Office Area
18.00Barbecue for selfserviceRace Office Area
TuesdayAugust 8th07.30 - 08.30Breakfast and lunch packet *)Race Office Building
11.00First warning signalKerteminde Bay
After raceBeerRace Office Area
To be announcedNFIA Annual Meeting Folkboat Central Building
19.00Fish table buffet *)Race Office Building
WednesdayAugust 9th07.30 - 08.30Breakfast and lunch packet *)Race Office Building
11.00First warning signalKerteminde Bay
After raceBeer and lotteryRace Office Area
18.00Barbecue for selfserviceRace Office Area
ThursdayAugust 10th07.30 - 08.30Breakfast and lunch packet *)Race Office Building
11.00First warning signalKerteminde Bay
After raceBeer and crane open until 19.00Race Office Area
19.00Prize Giving Dinner *)
Race Office Building
20.00Prize giving ceremony Race Office Building
*) fee and entry required

Folkboat Goldcup 2017

Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup, Senator Hagelstein Memory Prize, is an international cup granted in 1963 by Consul Hans Hagelstein, Lübeck-Travemünde in memory of his father, Senator Alfred Hagelstein. The purpose was at that time to promote international yachting and friendship between Scandinavian and German sailors.

The first cup regatta took place in 1963 in Travemünde. In 1974 the Cup was won to ownership by Kjøbenhavns Amatør Sejlklub, who offered it back that same year. In 1982 the ownership went to Kerteminde Sejlklub who offered it back that same year. Again in 1994 the Cup ownership went to Kerteminde Sejlklub who now offers the Gold Cup under rules with only minor updates still reflecting the original intensions and format of the sailing race. The Cup has been held annually in Denmark, Sweden or Germany and lately also in Finland, but with participants from many other countries. The Gold Cup is therefore considered as the ‘unofficial’ World Championship of the Nordic Folkboat Class.


You can see a complete registration and statistic about the GoldCup at the Swedish Folkboat Assoociation Website.

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75 year Anniversary

The Gold Cup 2017 is combined with the 75 year celebration of the Nordic Folkboat birth.

Go to the 75 Anniversary pages.