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Other celebrations of the Folkboat 75 year anniversary.

Danmarks museum for lystfartøjer, Svendborg


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Gold Cup


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Dear Folkboat sailors – Believe it or not. The Nordic Folkboat turns 75 in 2017. That calls for a celebration! Since it was designed in 1942 by Scandinavian boat designers the Nordic Folkboat has conquered the hearts and minds of thosands of sailors around the globe - and for good reasons. Kerteminde Sejlklub is proud to invite all Folkboat sailors—past and present—to a celebra-tion to remember. A fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends, to talk about memo-ries and stories from your Folkboat career. The celebration will be just prior to the start of the Gold Cup 2016 also hosted by Kerteminde Sejlklub so we have made a combined program showing the preliminary activities. Come to Kerteminde a well preserved mar-ket town dating back to the 13th century and – the birth place of more than 1,100 folkboats, some of the best and most challenging racing conditions in Northern Europe, fantastic surroun-dings with a great marina named “Marina of the Year” 2015, charming villages nearby and much more! The frame is set; there is a great team behind the project who will do their absolute best to make the event memorable. So please save the dates. For further information: Visit our website and Facebook. Let us have your preliminary appli-cation, upload of photos, stories and more on our Facebook site.
Per Puck
Per Puck23/03/2017 @ 22:14
7 boats are now registered for the Goldcup 2017
Per Puck
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Registration Goldcup 2017
To be done from the website where you can see the program including reference to the Notice of Race and a guide describing the registration system.
Per Puck
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Registration 75 years anniversary celebration
To be done from the website where you find the preliminary program and a guide for the registration system (ticket sales). You order the ticket by clicking on the blue button with the text "Ticket Sale". The tickets are payable upon registration.
Per Puck
Per Puck12/03/2017 @ 21:09
This year the Folkboat turns 75 years.
We would like to celebrate this with an extra attention to the many good experience this boat has given us sailors.

We would like to invite you to share your story and pictures of your first Folkboat or your first experience on the water as Crew.

Remember to invite current and former Folkboat sailors to follow this page.

It will be a great year.

I år fylder folkebåden 75 år.
Det synes vi skal fejres med ekstra opmærksomhed, på de mange gode oplevelser, båden har givet os sejlere.

Vi vil opfordre dig til, at du deler din historie og billeder her på siden:

Det kan være om din første folkebåd eller din første tur på vandet som gast.

HUSK også at invitere nuværende og tidligere folkebådssejlere til at følge denne side.

Det bliver et fantastisk år.
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