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    • in the sailclub regatta area:
  • Sailing Conditions
  • Folkboat class rules
    • The class rules is found at NFIA page
    • Measurement
      No formal systematic class measurement will take place during Goldcup-17. ie this regatta is not part of the class measure program. But if specific missing sail measures is required, we will do whatever is possible to help you. As long as you remember your own responsibility for a class cerificate as stated in the Goldcup Statutes
      Checking equipment
      Before regatta start we will visit and inspect boats and help you going through the equipment requirement on following specific subject:

      We will selected by draw, check that electronic instrument shall not be connected in a way so electronic calculation of tides is possible, and that safety equipment (anchor lines, mooring/towing lines, pump and bucket and flotating devices is as required.

    • From the classrules some equipment may be controlled and you shall ensure following subject.

    • 8.50 Devices for the measurement of depth, speed through water, heading, timing and devices making use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) are permitted, but it is prohibited for the instruments to correlate measured data for depth and speed through water to any other measured data.

      11.10 The following equipment shall be on board while racing:

      .1 A suitable anchor of not less than 12 kg. or alternatively a suitable anchor of not less than 6 kg together with chain attached to it making a total weight of not less than 12 kg.

      .2 Not less than 25m of anchor rope. Material shall be synthetic of a diameter not less than 12mm or woven band of a width not less than 25mm of same breaking load. If chain is attached to the anchor rope, its length may be included.

      .3 Two mooring lines with a total length of not less than 20 m and a diameter of not less than 12 mm.

      .4 One manual bilge pump, permanently installed.

      .5 A personal Flotation Device (PFD) with minimum buoyancy of 50 Newton shall be carried for each person on board.

      .7 One rigid bucket min. capacity: 9 litre.

  • Boat rent
    • Boats rented will be offered by a draw. The draw will be made Saturday 11.00 in the regatta office according to the following principle: First the sailor/crew will be drawn and then the boat until all boats have been distributed.

      If you are unable to attend the draw a representative of Kerteminde Sejlklub will do it on your behalf. The results will be announced on the notice board and we will also try to inform you personal.

      Please observe that you need to pay 5000 DKK in cash as deposit. Once you get your boat it will be inspected and documented by a representative of Kerteminde Sejlklub/NFIA together with you.

      You can make the necessary alterations to the boat as long as you bring it back to the condition you received it in.

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Welcome to Kerteminde - The Garden by the Sea

Welcome to Kerteminde – the birth place of more than 1,100 Folkboats! Some of the best racing conditions and beautiful surroundings in Northern Europe

Come with or without your boat. If without, do not wait too long to book your accommodation as Kerteminde is a small town with limited capacity. If  bringing  your own boat you will have free berthing during the event.


Early August is a busy tourist season, so be sure to book early and use the free booking service – contact the staff at local tourist office, who can arrange good discounts and nearby accomodations for you, your crew and your family.

Send your request marked: “Folkboat 75” to:;

Find more about this beautiful place at

Contact the staff at VisitKerteminde

  •  UK-spoken
    • Cathy Mathiesen,,  Phone 004565321121
  • DE-spoken
    • John Smidt, , Phone 004565321121
  • Nordic
    • Jane Dam,, Phone 004520603354

Gold Cup 17

Gold Cup


Generel Information

Facebook Group F75GoldCup.

Join the group and share your anniversary story an Photo


Dear Folkboat sailors – Believe it or not. The Nordic Folkboat turns 75 in 2017. That calls for a celebration! Since it was designed in 1942 by Scandinavian boat designers the Nordic Folkboat has conquered the hearts and minds of thosands of sailors around the globe - and for good reasons. Kerteminde Sejlklub is proud to invite all Folkboat sailors—past and present—to a celebra-tion to remember. A fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends, to talk about memo-ries and stories from your Folkboat career. The celebration will be just prior to the start of the Gold Cup 2016 also hosted by Kerteminde Sejlklub so we have made a combined program showing the preliminary activities. Come to Kerteminde a well preserved mar-ket town dating back to the 13th century and – the birth place of more than 1,100 folkboats, some of the best and most challenging racing conditions in Northern Europe, fantastic surroun-dings with a great marina named “Marina of the Year” 2015, charming villages nearby and much more! The frame is set; there is a great team behind the project who will do their absolute best to make the event memorable. So please save the dates. For further information: Visit our website and Facebook. Let us have your preliminary appli-cation, upload of photos, stories and more on our Facebook site.
Svend Krumnacker
Svend Krumnacker05/09/2017 @ 19:42
Svend Krumnacker
Svend Krumnacker04/09/2017 @ 21:18
Svend Krumnacker
GoldCup 2017 Kerteminde Nordic Folkboat
Impressions from Folkboat Kallisto GER 818 in Kerteminde with GoPro Hero5 and Karma Grip.
Helle Hejmdal
Helle Hejmdal14/08/2017 @ 10:13
Mange tak for sidst. En herlig aften med dejligt besøg.
Herefter et super godt og upåklageligt stævne!
Anders Lund
Anders Lund12/08/2017 @ 0:03
Tillykke til Per Buch fra Anders Lund Foto
Torben Dehn
Torben Dehn10/08/2017 @ 8:40
Congrats Per, Per and Hans! Very well done. Good to know that the 🏆 is in very good hands - again! Cheers from Team Chiquita GER 1111