Folkboat 75 year anniversary

Dear Folkboat sailors –
Believe it or not, the Nordic Folkboat turns 75 in 2017 and it calls for a celebration!Since it was designed in 1942 by Scandinavian boat designers the Nordic Folkboat has conquered the hearts and minds of thosands of sailors around the globe – and for good reasons.

Kerteminde Sejlklub is proud to invite all Folkboat sailors—past and present—to a celebration to remember. A fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends, to talk about memories and stories from your Folkboat career.

Best regards
Erik Andreasen
Race director
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The 75 years Anniversary get-together with many of the people who have made this class so successful and exceptional, past and present champions, national and international Folkboat Associations, morning gymnastics for elderly in good shape, beer and food of course, release of the anniversary book, lounges for shore-sailors and last – but not least – a lot of Folkboat sailors celebrating the old lady – wrinkled but still going strong.

Anniversary schedule:

Saturday 5th of August at 14.00 the club house opens for all our guests.

15.00 race director Erik Andreasen will give a welcome speach.

16.00 a presentation race for remote controlled folkboats. If you have one, no matter what size, do bring it along!

The bar in the club house is open all afternoon at at 18.00 the barbeque is ready for your own barbeque food. In other words bring your own meat!

Sunday 6th of August at 13.00 skippers meeting for the fun regatta starting at 14.00. Please register at the regatta office ! Prize giving immediately after the race.

All information concerning course and rules applicable will be given at the briefing by the Fun Race Committee.

We welcome all Folk Boat sailors to participate in the Fun Race, also those who do not Race in the Goldcup

18.00 it is time for the jubilee party. Please see the programme below at F75 Invitation

Tickets for the party shall be picked up in the regatta office. It is open Saturday 11.00-16.00 and Sunday 12.00-18.00. The envelope with tickets will be in your name and will give you guidance where to be seated.

Changes in schedules may still occur depending on weather and other conditions..

The planned Radio Controlled Folkboat sailing saturday aftenoon will take place as a demo-race RC-presentation. Please contact the organizer ( goldcup [a] kerteminde-sejlklub [dot] dk ) if you have a RC-folkboat and intend to participate saturday afternoon or maybe another time during the week.

Danish Museum for Lystfartøjer has kindly the F75 anniversary participants a option for visiting the Folkboat Jubilee exhibition in Svendborg. Please contact bureau.

The Fun Race has been cancelled due to much wind for this type off sailing.

WeekdayDateHour*) fee and entry required
SaturdayAugust 5th11-00 - 16.00Bureau open for service requestRace Office
14.00 - ??.00Bar and Folkboat Lounge openRace Office Building
15.00Welcome CeremonyRace Office Building
15.30Release DFK folkboat history bookRace Office Building
16.00Radio Controlled Folkboat sailing, Introduction and demonstration..Race Office Harbourside
18.00 Barbecue is turned on for selfservice and bar is open.
Get together Lounge
Race Office Area
12.00 - 24.00Kerteminde Harbour Festival, entrance feeKerteminde Harbour
SundayAugust 6th09.00 - 22.30Kerteminde Harbour Festival, free entryKerteminde Harbour
12.00 - 18.00Bureau open including GoldcupRace Office
14.00Fun Sailing FolkboatKerteminde Bay
15.00 - 18.00Bar and Folkboat Lounge openRace Office Building
18.00 - 24.00Anniversary dinner and entertainment *)Folkboat Boatyard (former) and Egmose
22.30FireworksHarbour side
MondayAugust 7th11.00Option for visiting to Svendborg Folkboat Jubilee Exhibition *)Individual transport, contact bureau for information
TuesdayAugust 8th19.00Fish table buffet *)Race Office Building
WednesdayAugust 9th18.00Barbecue is turned on for selfservice and bar is openRace Office Area
After raceLotteryRace Office Area
ThursdayAugust 10th10.30Spectator boat *)Kerteminde Bay
19.00Prize Giving Dinner *)Race Office Building
20.00Prize giving ceremony Race Office Building
*) fee and entry required

Ticketsale for Folkboat 75 year Anniversary Dinner and Entertainment, select the button below.

There is restricted room for participation in the Anniversary Dinner, so ticket-sale goes by first served basis, and the ticketsale will close at july 13th. It will be announced on this page, facebook and the mailinglist when we are close to the limit, in time or number.

You can have a clue of numbers from the attendee list, but remember that only one person is mentioned and not how many tickets, and not the names of each participant.

The deadline 13th july for ticketsale has passed, and the online sale option is closed. Please contact organizer ( goldcup [a] kerteminde-sejljklub [dot] dk ) if you have any ticket questions. 

Anniversary Ticket Sale

Nemtilmeld is a danish but traditionel ticket-shop. In the upper right corner there is a language-option, please select your own language. You can order more than one ticket in the same transaction. After ordering and paying with credit-card, you will receive a confirm mail. Keep this mail. It is your way into the system and your order (use the confidential link in the mail). You can change information or even refund the tickets and get the payment back (minus some standard credit-card fee depending on your type of credit card).

You will in the ticket ordering system be asked for some required identification informations (name, address, phone, mail). There is also some optional information, which can be used by organizer for seatings and table setup.

Please notice, that he Anniversary dinner and Entertainment is a party for everybody with a personal connection and feeling for the Folkboat, and not only active Folkboat or GoldCup sailors.

And participants in GoldCup Regatta shall remember, the regatta entry does not include F75 anniversary party. GoldCup 2017 participant have to buy tickets separately, as it is not offered as a GoldCup option.


Other event entries will be announced later, or will take place on-site from Race Office and F75-serviceoffice.

f75-invitation eng v2

Download invitation and program for Anniversary Dinner ⇓ F75 Invitation


Goldcup 2017 entry

Please notice that this schedule end entry does have a corresponding GoldCup Regatta.

Information about that is found on page → Gold Cup 2017 


Download and print ⇓ Save the Dates Folder

Calendar event with calendar import option →  Save the Date

Gold Cup 17

Gold Cup


Generel Information

Facebook Group F75GoldCup.

Join the group and share your anniversary story an Photo


Dear Folkboat sailors – Believe it or not. The Nordic Folkboat turns 75 in 2017. That calls for a celebration! Since it was designed in 1942 by Scandinavian boat designers the Nordic Folkboat has conquered the hearts and minds of thosands of sailors around the globe - and for good reasons. Kerteminde Sejlklub is proud to invite all Folkboat sailors—past and present—to a celebra-tion to remember. A fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends, to talk about memo-ries and stories from your Folkboat career. The celebration will be just prior to the start of the Gold Cup 2016 also hosted by Kerteminde Sejlklub so we have made a combined program showing the preliminary activities. Come to Kerteminde a well preserved mar-ket town dating back to the 13th century and – the birth place of more than 1,100 folkboats, some of the best and most challenging racing conditions in Northern Europe, fantastic surroun-dings with a great marina named “Marina of the Year” 2015, charming villages nearby and much more! The frame is set; there is a great team behind the project who will do their absolute best to make the event memorable. So please save the dates. For further information: Visit our website and Facebook. Let us have your preliminary appli-cation, upload of photos, stories and more on our Facebook site.
Svend Krumnacker
Svend Krumnacker05/09/2017 @ 19:42
Svend Krumnacker
Svend Krumnacker04/09/2017 @ 21:18
Svend Krumnacker
GoldCup 2017 Kerteminde Nordic Folkboat
Impressions from Folkboat Kallisto GER 818 in Kerteminde with GoPro Hero5 and Karma Grip.
Helle Hejmdal
Helle Hejmdal14/08/2017 @ 10:13
Mange tak for sidst. En herlig aften med dejligt besøg.
Herefter et super godt og upåklageligt stævne!
Anders Lund
Anders Lund12/08/2017 @ 0:03
Tillykke til Per Buch fra Anders Lund Foto
Torben Dehn
Torben Dehn10/08/2017 @ 8:40
Congrats Per, Per and Hans! Very well done. Good to know that the 🏆 is in very good hands - again! Cheers from Team Chiquita GER 1111
Magnus Johansson
Magnus Johansson11/08/2017 @ 17:37
Thanks for all live updates in this championship. Denmark 🇩🇰 have the best Folkboot in the world 🏆🎉🍾

2018 in Simrishamn Slaghoken will 🐝 there 🍾

Magnus Johansson